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De Einder Foundation

Support for a humane death under my own control

The premise of the De Einder Foundation is that the right to life does not also imply a duty to life. Every human being has the right – with respect for the same right of his fellow man – to fulfill his life in his own way and to also determine its duration.

When a choice is made to make the duration of life a personal – not determined externally – decision, it is important that this choice can be implemented as dignified as possible, while also respecting the privacy of others, if possible.

De Einder has the following objectives

  1. making self-euthanasia (the carefully considered realisation of the end of human life under own control) open to discussion and feasible as a supplement to the regulated euthanasia by doctors in the “Law Examining Termination of Life upon Request and Assisted Suicide”;
  2. to act as a source of information for individuals and social organisations that have questions about self-euthanasia;
  3. to refer, upon request, people with the Dutch nationality who are considering euthanasia – as a way to secure the control and direction over the end of their own life, for now, or for a time in a far distant future – to the foundation of facilitated professional counselors for information and moral support;
  4. all that which is directly or indirectly related to the aforementioned or can be useful for that purpose, all in the broadest sense of the word.

De Einder seeks to achieve the objectives through

  1. maintaining a communications network that brings the foundation’s objectives to the attention of the public, the media, politics and judicial authorities;
  2. organising and/or contributing to informational activities aimed at the general public and for professionals working in the healthcare sector, also in order to help break through the taboo regarding self-euthanasia;
  3. working together with other organisations that endorse the foundation’s principles;
  4. supporting initiatives that aim to restrict the punishment of assisted suicide regulated in Article 294 of the Penal Code and to expand the non-punishable assisted suicide now recognized on the basis of existing case law;
  5. maintaining one central point for the purpose of answering questions about self-euthanasia;
  6. maintaining close connections with a team of professional counselors who want to provide information and moral assistance to people who are looking for support in their effort to make their own decision about the end of their own life;
  7. facilitating the professional counselors referred to in 6. in achieving their vision and mission that can be described as follows: to guide, upon request, anyone who is self-determined about ending their own life, in a careful, empathetic and non-directive manner, provide information and be of moral support.


De Einder Foundation
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